Area 51 Motel

2017       Las Vegas

available viewing on iQIYI 

Set in a rural alien-theme motel named Area 51 in Nevada, the story follows Tiger & Phoenix, a notorious Chinese Bonnie & Clyde living in Vegas, plan on doing their final scheme on the young and wealthy man Hao, a Xenophilia from Beijing. Hao is attached by an alien who successfully escaped from Area 51. At dusk, the couple, the alien, the nefarious family who runs the motel, all gather at Motel 51 with one goal. They however, carry different destiny.

A Chinese-US co-production
Starring: Tony Xu, Ao Xu, Bo Qiu, Kun Shao, Kiana Babayeva, Gilbert Reynoso, Arthur Gonzales
Production Company: Jiashi Muwei (Beijing) Enmaze Pictures (NYC) XL Entertainment(Beijing)
Producer: Tianqi Zhuo
Screenwriter: Mark Ma   
Director: Colleen Kwok
Director of Photography: Felipe Vara de Rey
Production Designer: Bo McGuire